All studios have a set of rules to ensure all students are safe and set up for success during their class time. While some studios have more specific rules to best fit their environment, there are a few important etiquette practices that all dancers should follow no matter where they’re dancing. By demonstrating these basic class etiquette practices, you are showing respect to your teacher and fellow students while you participate in class.

  • Be on time to class- This doesn’t mean walking in the studio doors when your class is scheduled to start—this means having your dance attire on, hair done, and ready to dance before class starts.
    • If you are late, wait outside the classroom door and wait for your teacher to motion for you to enter (this is usually after the exercise has ended)—do so quickly and hold your apologies for the end of class, to avoid further disruption.
    • For parents of younger dancers: please make sure your dancer uses the restroom before class to avoid needing to go during their class time– which can be very distracting to the other students and teacher. While the need to use the restroom can’t always be avoided, checking prior to the start of class can eliminate any unnecessary distractions.
  • Follow Dress Code- Just as you wouldn’t go to swim lessons without a swim suit, showing up to dance class without the proper attire (including clothing, shoes, and hair) shows a lack of preparedness. Dress code is important as it helps dancers get into the mindset of learning—this is especially important for younger dancers, as they know when they put on their leotard and tights, that it’s time to focus and learn. For older dancers, dress code is a matter of safety as teachers rely on a dancer’s attire to see body lines and movement so they can give direct, and effective corrections to improve technique.
  • Don’t talk when the teacher is talking- You may miss something important or distract another student with your talking. Please be respectful by keeping your chatter outside of the classroom.
  • No Cell Phones in Class- Cell phones can be a huge distraction and have no place in the dance room. If you would like to film choreography to practice at home, please get special permission from your teacher before bringing your phone into class—and make sure it is completely silenced.
  • No Sitting/Lying Down- Unless it is part of your choreography or you get express permission from your teacher, do not sit or lie down in class. This is a sign of disrespect and makes you sleepy.
  • Keep Your Opinions to Yourself- Unless your instructor/choreographer specifically asks for your opinion, please keep your opinions to yourself. Especially in the form of complaining or grumbling. If you have a question or concern about the work in class or rehearsal, please talk to your instructor after to respectfully express any concerns and get your questions answered.
  • Say “Thank You”- Please be sure to thank your instructor after every class to show respect and gratitude.

If you are unsure of where to find your studio’s rules and etiquette, ask the front desk staff or your teacher where you can find them.