Costume FAQs

PCDC will be hosting a Costume Pick Up Day on Saturday, May 9th 9:00am to 1:00pm. Your dancer will receive a costume checklist with their costume. This list will have specifics on shoes, accessories, hair/makeup, and scheduled call times. Be sure to double check that you have everything on the list before dress rehearsal.

Yes, you are completely in charge of your own costume. We recommend labeling all of your dancer’s costumes and belongings.

Try your costume on once to see if any alterations are needed. If you need a list of businesses that will make alterations, please ask the front desk.

No, please do not wash your dancer’s costume until recital is over. Washing may cause damage, shrinkage, or colors to fade. If a costume is damaged we will not be able to replace it.

Costumes are only to be worn at picture day, costume preview week, dress rehearsal and recital. After that, it is yours to wear as you please.

Always hang your costume in a cool, clean, dry place, away from the sun.

Lost or damaged costumes cannot be replaced. Dancers will not be allowed to perform if they do not have a costume.