A question dancers and parents often ask is “why is dress code so important?”

Here are our top five most important reasons for following dress code:

Safety– Perhaps the most important reason for enforcing a dress code is for the dancer’s safety. For instance, ballet requires a leotard and tights as well as the proper shoes to ensure the instructor can see their dancer’s alignment—allowing them to effectively correct movement that may lead to injuries. Loose clothing is also discouraged as it may get in the way of executing movement properly. Similarly, having hair up will prevent

Respect– By following dress code, you are showing respect to your instructor and peers by taking your time in class seriously. It also helps promote focus by mentally preparing you for the class ahead.

Uniformity– Most teams—sports, dance, and even in the working world all dress alike to show that they are working together. Not only does a proper dance dress code create a clean, professional look in the dance studio; it also promotes the feeling of being a part of the greater dance community.

Identity– Dress code allows students to leave their other “identities” at the door and explore who they are on a deeper level. While exploring taste in clothes, friends, and culture is an important part of growing up, it is every bit as important for dancers to explore who they are on the inside as a person and an artist.

Learning– It can be tough to focus when you are constantly having to adjust your clothes. Dress code promotes focus and learning by eliminating distractions. The dance wear you are asked to wear to class was selected for its fit and functionality. Trust that your teachers knows what will look and feel best while you’re moving in class.

In short, the role that dress code plays in class is imperative to a dancer’s over-all success. If you are not familiar with your studio’s dance policies, visit their website or reach out to the front desk to get your dress code questions answered.