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Dress Rehearsal FAQ’s

Dress Rehearsal allows for each dancer to practice their choreography
in costume, on stage with lights, in full hair and makeup. The teacher
will space the routine, walk through exits and entrances and answer any
pertinent questions your dancer might have.
YES! Dress rehearsal is required for all dancers participating in recital.
If a dancer is not present for Dress Rehearsal teachers will have to
re-space their formations for the sake of the class as a whole. This
means students who are absent from Dress Rehearsal will not be
allowed to participate in the show.
Dress Rehearsal is Friday June 15th, 2018 at the LHS.
An exact schedule will be posted as we get closer.

Pictures and video can be taken at Dress Rehearsal if there is no flash. No pictures
or video can be taken on recital day. This will be strictly enforced.
A professional DVD will be available for purchase.

Dress rehearsal is scheduled in time blocks. Ideally we will run everything as close to show order as possible. However, due to quick changes and attendance we might take one dance before another. You may leave once your dancer has finished all their routines. In accordance with studio policy, we ask that if your dancer is under the age of 6 you remain in the audience the entire time your dancer is present.
Your dancer should arrive 15 minutes before their call time. They should
be stage ready (hair and make-up done, costume on). They should put their
belongings in the dressing room and find their classmates in the auditorium.
All classes will sit together in an assigned row so they can be checked
in before going backstage as a class.
No, please take all of your belongings with you. We cannot
guarantee that we will be the only ones using LHS that weekend.

Yes! We invite you and your dancer to stay and watch dress rehearsal.
It’s a great opportunity for our students to support other PCDC students.