As a dancer, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need when packing your dance bag for classes and rehearsals. Most dancers keep a change of clothes, their dance shoes, healthy snacks, and hygiene/beauty products (such as deodorant and hair spray) in their bag. But what about a screwdriver? Or a lacrosse ball? Did you remember your dental floss?

Here are five unusual, yet important items you should keep in your dance bag:


  • A Lacrosse Ball- Keeping a lacrosse ball handy in your bag can be lifesaving! They are great for rolling out your arches and the bottoms of your feet and are especially useful when a dreaded foot cramp strikes in class. They can also be used to roll out the hip flexors, piriformis (a small muscle located behind the gluteus maximus), and the neck and shoulders to release tension.
    • A tennis ball also works well if you’re looking for a less intense option.
  • Dental Floss- For dancers who wear pointe shoes, keeping dental floss in your dance bag is great if a ribbon or elastic comes off during class. Dental floss is a strong thread substitute if you need to sew your shoes in a pinch.
    • Keeping a small sewing kit in your bag is also highly recommended if you wear pointe shoes. You never know when you might need it.
  • Screwdriver- While this one may sound funny, it’s important for dancers with tap shoes to keep a screwdriver handy in their bag in case a screw or tap plate comes loose before class or a performance. Make sure you find a screwdriver that best fits the screws on your shoes—screwdrivers come many different shapes and sizes.
  • Medical Tape- Medical tape is a great multi-purpose item to keep in your dance bag. You can use it to wrap blisters and bunions before putting on your dance shoes, or use it to alleviate pain from ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis.
    • Please note: Tape is great for small, quickly healing injuries only– if your injury is severe and/or chronic, please get it checked out by your doctor or physical therapist.
  • A Notebook- It’s a good idea to keep a notebook in your dance bag in case you need to write down something important immediately after class, such as– choreography, important information about upcoming performances, or a helpful tip from your teacher that want to remember for your next rehearsal. It is also helpful to have a notebook handy for days you are unable to participate in class due to illness or injury. You can take notes on corrections and new choreography while you observe, so you don’t fall behind while you are recovering.
  • Bonus Item: A Dryer Sheet- It’s a great idea to keep a dryer sheet in your dance bag to keep it smelling fresh (especially if you keep your sweaty dance shoes and clothes in it all week ☺).