Recital time is right around the corner, and you know what that means…. Costumes, makeup, recital hair, dress rehearsal—the list goes on. Although recital week can be busy, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are five ways to keep your cool during recital week:

  1. Create a Recital Checklist- Write down everything you need to bring with you to dress rehearsal and recital, including (but not limited to):
    • Costume Pieces- write out every costume piece you need to bring with you- tops, leotards, tights, bottoms, hair pieces, etc. Instead of just listing “jazz costume”, list out “jazz top”, “jazz shorts”,  “jazz hair clip” so you can make sure every piece makes it into your dance bag. Be sure to put a check mark by everything you pack.
      • Pro Tip: Label each item with your initials before you pack it away in case your costume pieces get mixed up or lost. This will prevent any confusion if someone else ends up with an extra shoe or glove, and you’ll know that it belongs to you.
    • Shoes-just as you did with costumes, list out every pair of shoes you need to bring with you and check them off as they make it into your bag.
    • Hair Products- Even if you do your hair before you leave for recital, pack extra products in case you need them. These items can include hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray, flat iron, hair donut, and more. List them out and check them off when you pack them.
    • Makeup- Keep your make up handy at dress rehearsal and recital in case you need to touch up or re-apply between dances. Include lipstick, blush, foundation, extra false eyelashes (if needed), setting spray, and makeup removing wipes to keep your face performance ready. Add them to your list and check off as you pack.
  2. Triple (or Better Yet, Quadruple) Check Your Information for Dress Rehearsal & Recital Day- Keep all of your recital information handy during recital week. Make sure to mark your calendars for all rehearsals, picture days, times for dress rehearsals, and when to be backstage on show day. You will also want to note the location for where these events will take place—some might be at the studio, and others will be at the recital venue. Give yourself plenty of time to reach out to your studio’s front desk staff if you have any questions.
  3. Keep Your Body Healthy- It goes without saying that dancers need to take care of their body throughout the season to maintain optimal health and wellness. Recital week is no exception to this. In fact, we recommend taking EXTRA care of yourself during recital week—get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and eat healthy meals and snacks to keep your energy up and avoid sickness before the big day.
    • Pro tip #1: Because recital generally happens in the warmer months of the year, make sure you wear extra sunscreen and cover up your shoulders if you go outside. Nothing feels worse than a tight costume strap on fresh sunburn.
    • Pro tip #2: Avoid participating in extreme sports and activities leading up to recital week. Accidents and injuries happen, and are sometimes unavoidable; however, in order to keep your body healthy during recital week, it is best to hold off on your extreme activities until after your performances are over.
  4. Keep Your Body Warm and Ready to Dance- Depending on the number of dances you’re in and the recital schedule, you may have some downtime between dances. Make sure to keep your body warm and ready to dance during your breaks. If you have special tricks or skills that require additional stretches or preparation, make sure your muscles are ready to go. This will prevent injuries and help you look and feel your best on stage!
  5. …and Finally, Have Fun! – Recital week is a LOT of work and can be very tiring when it is all said and done, but don’t forget to have fun throughout the process! You have spent the last year working hard and refining your skills, and now you get to show them off to your friends and family.

Have a great show! ☺