January 2018 Newsletter

It’s 2018! Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break!

Normal classes will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

Join us for our free dance week January 8th through the 12th! This event replaces our usual “bring a friend” week. All classes are open to the community, our registered students, and their friends. Enjoy unlimited classes, and try out some new styles! New students can come try out as many classes as they would like, and current PCDC students can try any new style in their level! As a bonus to new students, we are also offering free registration for this week! Got questions? Talk to the front desk for details. Plus take a look at our schedule to see which classes you want to take.

Class Schedule

Company Showcase 2018

Join us for our annual 3rd Company Showcase to see our Competitive and Performance companies put on a show all their own. Get your tickets at PCDC.

Date: Saturday, January 20th, 2018
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Silver Creek High School

Join our Performance Company

Friday, January 12th

If your dancer is interested in taking their dancing to the next level by joining a team come see what Performance Company is all about. Dancers are welcome to take the Performance Company class (Friday, January 12th 5:15-6:15pm) as part of free dance week.

Then stick around for the the informational parent meeting at 6:45pm. Everyone who comes to the meeting will receive a FREE gift just for showing up!

Flexible February

Ice Cream Party on Friday, February 2nd 6:30-7:30pm

We are encouraging our students to work hard on their flexibility this month. If your dancer has gotten their splits since our Splitember ice cream party make sure they show their teacher! Students who show their teacher in class their splits will receive an invitation to our ice cream party.

1 split = 1 scoop

2 splits = 2 scoops

3 splits = 3 scoops

Lost and Found is Full!

Please check the lost and found containers the next time you are in.

They are very full!

All items left will be donated after January 13th.

Our 6th annual recital will be held on June 16th, 2018.

Recital Costumes

Believe it or not it is already time to start thinking about recital costumes, but don’t stress! We know picking sizes can be confusing so this year we will do it for you! PCDC staff will be measuring students in class so you don’t have to, then we will pick the costume size for you. All you have to do is let us know if you want to participate.

A digital participation form will be emailed to you next week. Please complete your participation form no later then Monday, January 29th. Recital is optional but highly recommended. Color pictures of all costumes will be posted in the hallway of the studio so your dancer can see what their costume looks like.

Recital Cutoff

All recital classes will be open for registering new students until January 31st. As of February 1st all recital classes will be closed, so that they can start working on their recital routine. If your dancer would like to register for a new class and still be in that recital routine, please let the front desk know before January 31st.

Congratulations to our January Shining Stars!

Shining Stars are STAR students picked by their teachers for going above and beyond in the classroom.

Briley A. (Age: 7)

Briley is a dedicated dancer who almost never misses a class. Although she studies a variety of different styles, her favorite is hip hop since ‘it is the most fun.’ Briley sincerely enjoys dancing and it shows every time she comes to class, “It makes me happy.”

When she is not dancing, she enjoys playing with her sisters, reading, roller skating and skiing. One of her goals for the new year is to be able to do a back bend and a back walk-over. We have no doubt she will be able to reach those goals!

Quinn A. (Age: 11)

Quinn is a talented PCDC dancer and is a member of the competitive team. Quinn’s favorite dance style is Hip Hop, ‘right now’. She enjoys dancing because she feels she can express herself in it, “I can tell a story without words and really express myself.”

When she is not dancing, Quinn enjoys drawing, painting or anything art related.

The best advice she ever received was to ‘try your hardest.’ This has obviously motivated her as she always gives 110% in every class.

Her favorite part of PCDC is ‘being a part of a dance family.’ The advice she would like to offer her classmates is to not worry about what anyone is thinking of you, not to stress about being perfect, “Just dance!”

Abby A. (Age: 17)

Although Abby studies a variety of different styles, her favorites are ballet and contemporary; “I enjoy the structure of ballet and like pushing myself to improve on rules that have existed for so long. The idea of meeting the standards of ballet motivates me to work harder every day. But I also like to do contemporary because it’s the opposite and allows you to dance however you feel to express the story.”

Abby is motivated in class by herself and those around her to be better than she was the day before, “I expect myself to improve on everything I do in life, and seeing my classmates work hard and hearing my teacher’s advice really motivates me to work harder to do so. I like to feel stronger every time I dance but look more effortless in the mirror and on stage. This idea leaves me persistent in satisfying my own expectations of improvement.”

When it comes to being a Teacher’s Assistant, Abby’s favorite part is watching her students light up when they come in. She enjoys watching them feel that same passion as she does when she is dancing. “I want them to love dance as I do and have a good time with it so I try my hardest to make it both educational and fun.”

The best advice she has every received was that ‘if you’re not nervous, then you don’t care enough.’

“I have no idea who told this to me, but I’m frequently nervous; performing on stage, going to the bank, the first day of my job, public speaking, dancing in small groups. I like this advice because it tells me that I’m nervous for a reason, I want to do my best and impress myself and those around me. I want to show that I’m a capable and variable person and being nervous means that I care about what I’m doing and will put my heart into doing it to my best ability.”

She would like to encourage her classmates and her students to always be themselves, “It’s super cliché but I’ve spent too much of my life trying to be someone else (or trying to appease others) and not being happy. I think following your passions and individual goals is going to make you much more successful and happy than following the goals and interests of someone else. Do what makes you happy, be unique, make your own path.”

Abby’s other talents include playing violin and participating in theater. She has also choreographed for her school’s basketball game during her sophomore year. Abby plans on attending CSU for theater upon graduation.