Spirit, Spring, and Summer

The Summer Schedule is Now Online

Check out all of the workshops, camps, and Intensives scheduled to be offered this summer and reserve your place today! Register for summer before May for multiple discounts.

Themed Day Camps
Workshops and Intensives
Passport To Dance

Classes will resume on Monday April 2nd!

Enjoy your Spring Break from March 26th through April 1st.

Join in on our 6 week Mini-Mester program starting April 11th! Fairytale Ballet, Ballet/Jazz, and Hip Hop classes are all being offered during this discounted program. Join a dance class for the first time, or add in an additional class for some extra practice!

Spring Mini-Mester

It’s Spirit Week at PCDC

Spirit Week will be March 19th through the 23rd

Dress up following the themes presented below. Enter into the daily raffle to win free PCDC merch! Please keep in mind that your costumes can not hinder your movement. Try not to bring too many accessories into the classrooms as well. Have fun!

Monday: Take a trip to someplace warm and dress for the beach!

Tuesday: Wear your favorite Disney inspired outfit!

Wednesday: It’s all about Candy! Dress with the theme of your favorite sugary treat in mind.

Thursday: Match with a friend for Twin Day!

Friday: It’s time to save the day! Dress as your favorite superhero or villain for the day.

Only a few more months until the show!
Are You Practicing Your Recital Choreography?
Recital Facts and Information

Congratulations to our March Shining Stars!

Shining Stars are STAR students picked by their teachers for going above and beyond in the classroom.

We are so proud of them for their dedication and hard work!

Lainey M. (Age 13)

Lainey takes a variety of different classes including Acro, Tap, Ballet, and Performance Company. Although she enjoys dancing as a whole Lainey would consider Acro to be her favorite. She enjoys working on her flexibility and her balance. Her favorite part of being on Performance Company are the friends that she has been able to get to know and dance beside.

When she is in class, her motivation steps from other classmates:

“When I see other people that are really good, I get motivated and try to be as good as them.”

Lainey’s other hobbies include drawing and art in general. She also enjoys listening to music.

Ella L. (Age 6)

Ella is a dedicated dancer who always shows up with a smile. Her favorite dance style is Acro, since she gets to be ‘upside down.’ She loves dancing because she feels like she learns so many things. Ella would also like to add that she has ‘very nice teachers.’

When she is not dancing, she enjoys Roblox, playing at the park, and playing with her brothers. Her new year’s goal is to tackle her most difficult Hip Hop moves.

Ella would like to encourage her fellow dancers to push through any obstacles in class;

“Be brave. Things might be scary at first, but once you try it you will feel much better. And you’ll probably love it!”

Ella has also attempted to teach her parents a few things;

“I tried to teach Daddy the coffee grinder and he did well. He did well, but was a little low. It’s ok though, it was his first time. Practice makes perfect. I couldn’t do the coffee grinder the first time but after about one hundred times I can do it now!”

Emily L. (Age 16)

Emily has been taking classes for a few years now in a variety of styles but would say that Ballet is her favorite;

“It helps me improve my technique that I can use in my other classes. Every ballet teacher I’ve ever had has been supportive and kind in their teaching.”

For the new year, Emily would like to improve her dancing;

“I always remind myself that I can’t improve if I don’t work hard and give it my all.”

She would like to get all three of her splits, to perfect center leaps, turns, and to do a double rode jambe.

“Overall, my goals for the year are to make sure I stay healthy with both my body and my mind.”

Emily’s best advice comes from a ballet instructor reminding her that no one is perfect. She says:

“Sometimes when I’m not able to immediately understand and perfect a move, I start to feel bad about myself Then I remember something an old ballet teacher of mine told me, ‘The reason you take dance classes is because you’re still working on becoming better at dance. If you were already perfect at every single move, then you wouldn’t be here.”

When Emily is not dancing, she enjoys reading. Her other hobbies include cooking and baking.

She would like to encourage her classmates not to compare themselves to others around them.

“It can be intimidating to see someone do a move that you’re not good at. Just remember that everyone learns skills at different rates. Before you know it, you’ll be a master at the moves you struggle with now.”