Our eighth and final featured senior for this year is Chase!

Chase has only been with us for two seasons but quickly became involved in Hip Hop classes and our Senior Hip Hop crew! We are so excited to see where life takes him after graduation!

Read more about Chase below:


1. How long have you been dancing?
I have been dancing for three years. I  stared dancing during my sophomore year of high school in hip hop club and I joined PCDC junior year.
2. What is your favorite dance that you have performed?
My favorite dance that I have performed was Mr. Carter.
3. Favorite dance memory?
My favorite dance memory was my first performance with the team and the sleepover, I’m really going to miss everyone!
4. Favorite genre of dance?
Hip Hop!
5. Finish this sentence: I love dancing because…
It connects me with others and makes me understand myself more.
6. What are you looking forward to the most in finishing out your senior year in dance?
I can’t wait to compete with this team, I have made some really amazing friends! I’m sad to have to leave so soon but I will always be grateful for my team and my teachers!
7. What are your plans after High School?
I plan to study film in California or Denver, I don’t know where yet, but I know I will keep dancing.
8. What advice would you give to younger dancers?
You can never dance too much, take ballet even if you hate it now, and it’s never too late to start. Don’t be afraid of what you haven’t tried and don’t forget that the energy you bring is what you will get back!