Our next featured senior is Emma!

Emma is in her sixth season with us at PCDC.  She is currently on our Competitive and Hip Hop teams, and competed her senior solo at the last two competitions we have participated in this year. We are so proud of all her achievements in and out of the studio!

Read more about Emma below:


1. How long have you been dancing?
I have been dancing since I was in the 4th grade and started at Mountain Side and then came to PCDC 6 years ago.
2. What is your favorite dance that you have performed?
One of my favorite dances would have to be Reach Out from a few years ago or this year my senior solo.
3. Favorite dance memory?
My favorite dance memory is when it was my first year at PCDC and Mrs. Phillips was my jazz teacher and she wanted someone to improve the very beginning of the recital dance as the lights came on and we did mini auditions in class and she chose me to do it. I was very proud of myself and very excited to have a little solo in the beginning of the dance.
4. Favorite genre of dance?
My favorite genre of dance would be hip hop or contemporary because even though they are very different styles they both have a deeper emotional connection (especially in contemporary) and they are just fun for me. In hip hop I can be more groovy or more intimidating and in contemporary I can really express my feelings and almost let go of what is bothering me.
5. Finish this sentence: I love dancing because…
I can take the moves and choreography and make it me and make it my own. I can also really express myself and my feelings through dance which you can’t do in many other sports. Dance is also like a safety net that has always been there for me because if I’m ever stressed or sad or even happy dance is always there and when I’m sad or stressed I can go into dance and let all of it go and I can just hangout with some of my best friends.
6. What are you looking forward to the most in finishing out your senior year in dance?
This year I am looking forward to enjoying every last second with my dance family and just making memories that I will hold onto forever.
7. What are your plans after High School?
My plans after high school are to hopefully attend Arizona State University and major in Psychology with a minor in dance and possibly (hopefully) join dance whether it’s through the school or just a club.
8. What advice would you give to younger dancers?
My advice to younger dancers is to not be so concerned with your peers and to not compare yourself to them because you have your own way of making your dance special so just really try to be you when you dance instead of trying to be someone else. Also don’t second guess yourself because when you second guess yourself you are just holding yourself back from all the good things you could accomplish.