Our next featured senior is Maddie!

Maddie is in her fifth season with us and is a very active in the PCDC community! She is currently on our Senior Competitive and Hip Hop teams. She is also one of our wonderful Teacher’s Assistants who enjoys helping in the classroom and setting a good example for our younger dancers.

Read more about Maddie below:


1. How long have you been dancing?
I have been dancing for eight years.
2. What is your favorite dance that you have performed?
My favorite dance that I’ve ever performed would have to be either my hip hop dance, “Mr Carter” because it is one of the hardest dances I’ve ever performed or my production dance, “Next Generation” because it has such a upbeat and happy vibe.
3. Favorite dance memory?
My favorite dance memory would have to be competing and spending countless hours with my team.
4. Favorite genre of dance?

My favorite genre of dance is either hip hop or contemporary.

5. Finish this sentence: I love dancing because…

I love dancing because it helps me release my emotions and stress that have I have built up that day. It just makes me feel good.

6. What are you looking forward to the most in finishing out your senior year in dance?
I am most looking forward to finishing out my senior year dancing with my teammates. Over the years of dancing at PCDC, I have formed super close relationships with a lot of the dancers here. They have help shape me as both a person and a dancer, and I know that my bond with them will last forever.
7. What are your plans after High School?
After high school, I plan on attending University of Northern Colorado to get a bachelors degree in psychology.
8. What advice would you give to younger dancers?
Advice that I would give to younger dancers would be to respect yourself, other dancers, and your teachers. The dance industry can be pretty judgmental weather that judgement is coming from ourselves or others. Just always keep in mind the reason why you’re dancing and keep a positive and uplifting attitude.