Dealing With Stage Fright FAQ’s

All recital music will be available to download from our website.
If your child has specific questions, encourage them to ask in class.
If your child still wants extra help, we can set up a private lesson
with your child’s teacher. Please contact the front
desk for prices and times.

It is very important to make sure your dancer does not miss class once they
start learning their recital dances. Absences affect the whole class
and the learning process.

Stage fright is completely normal for people of all ages, especially young
children. The first time a person performs may bring out shyness or fright.
Becoming the focus of attention for a group of people can be intimidating,
even for adults. Performance anxiety is normally temporary. We’ve
encountered many children that are afraid backstage, but come off stage
feeling excited and empowered.
  1.  Toy Audience- Have your dancer practice with an audience of stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures to make the idea less frightening.
  2.  Dress-up Rehearsal- rehearse the choreography in some fun dress up clothes to make it more fun.
  3. Talk to your dancer- ask your dancer to explain why they are scared to
    perform. Listen carefully and try to address their concerns. Talking through fears can be effective.
  4. Be excited for them- Get your dancer excited about being on stage, having their hair and make-up done. Make it a special event they can tell their friends and family about. Tell them how proud and excited you are for them. Remind them they are like a “superstar” when they are on stage.
  5. Renaming- consider renaming their stage fright. For little ones you can
    tell them that nervous feeling in their tummy is “butterflies, flying
    around to give them energy and excitement”. For older dancers you can tell them it is excitement, energy, and adrenaline.
  6.  Take Off the Perfection Pressure – remind them that forgetting a step,
    or “messing-up” does not matter. It is about having fun and expressing
    yourself. Nobody will be disappointed if they forget a step, because no
    one but the teacher will know. Their teacher will support them
    and be proud regardless.