PCDC Testimonials

“Thank you for the amazing team effort you all provide to produce a GREAT dance studio.  My daughter Ashley has only been there 2 years and is a high school senior…thus as a parent I have not been as involved.  As a parent, the organization of information for EVERYTHING is so appreciated.  I am always informed in advance so I can plan accordingly for dates and finances.  I also appreciate all the extra things you do to build a dance community for your students.  If Ashley was younger, I am sure she would participate more in these events.  What I have noticed about Ashley in the past 2 years while she has not competed, is her true love for dance.  She comes home and reviews and records the dances and expresses how much she regards her teachers and their skills.  It is really cool.  I appreciate the opportunities you give dancers to dance…no matter what their skill level.  Finally, I appreciate that for the past 2 years, Ashley has received a birthday card from PCDC personalized to her…..and most recently a note from her teacher just saying how awesome she is to have in class, etc…  As a parent it is wonderful to have your kid recognized.  As a student, I can tell you it meant a lot to Ashley to receive this note from her instructor who she thinks is an incredible dancer.

As Ashley bids goodbye to youth dance and moves on to college….I really hope she continues to dance.  I know we made a GREAT decision to have her dance at PCDC these last 2 years.  I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation as a parent and tell you to keep up the good work!”

Gloria A.
“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the recital last weekend. Every person in my extended family commented on how good the choreography was, how impressed with the dances they were, and finally how much Kelley has improved this year. Thank you all for a wonderful experience at PCDC.”
Lisa G.

“I wanted to thank your entire staff so much for helping the transition go so smoothly for Courtney! You all have been so amazing and I love to see that smile on her face again! As a mom that smile is worth more than anything in the world! I love the organization, the responsiveness, the pictures, all of it! I just wanted to send a formal thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making her love the art of dance again!”

Stephanie L.
“Congratulations on a beautiful recital. Both Caroline and Anna are still glowing from the experience. I could have watched it 10 more times! You all did a lovely job!”
Beth M.
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so welcoming to Zoe. She could not stop talking about the lounge and how she is excited to start classes.”
Kathy H.